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Comacina Island is the only island on Lake Como Italy, once the site of a Roman fort and a medieval settlement. The island is located in the waters off Tremezzina and overlooks the “Zoca de l’oli” (as called the hill).

Thanks to its small bay, is recognized as the most peaceful place on the lake. Is well-known also for the local production of olives, favored by the particularly mild climate and by weather at Como Lake.

The island is rich in history: in 1118 the Isola Comacina took Milan’s side during a ten-year war against Como (Lake Como from Milan is only 35 km). In 1169, the Holy Roman Emperor has punished the surrounding rebel lands. The island was burned and the inhabitants had to run away to Varenna, on the Eastern coast of Lake Como Italy. Every year, on the last weekend of June, there is a fireworks shows called “Sagra di San Giovanni”. Thousands of spectators reach the bay with their boat to admire this marvelous and magic moment, who become speechless in front of the amazing firework show that enlightens Lake Como to Bellagio. 

Comacina Island is also a Lake Como wedding venue.

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