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What is the best time of year to visit Lake Como Italy?

Our favorite seasons are spring and summer, even if the best time to visit Lake Como is between March and November. During this period temperatures are generally warm and the sun shines frequently.

There are pros and cons of each month. The weather of Como Lake in July and August normally is the best you can get, considering temperatures reach 30 degrees. But during these months there are as many tourists..

In our opinion, the most effective autumn month to go to Lake Como is October, thanks to its mild temperatures. In fact, the water of Como Lake works as a thermal reserve: the water absorbs the sun's heat during the summer season and releases it ranging from October and to the winter.

The mountains surrounding Lake Como help this process, keeping the average annual temperature higher than elsewhere in Lombardy.


What is the best town to stay in in Lake Como Italy? 

Como is the biggest city around Lake Como. Near Como, there are Cernobbio, Carate Urio, and Laglio. At the same distance, on the opposite coast, you could find Blevio, Torno, and Faggeto Lario. On the east coast, another interesting play for Lake Como holiday is Nesso and Lezzeno, a small village not so far away from Bellagio.

Bellagio is, without doubt, the pearl of the Lake and, regardless of your chosen Lake Como accommodations, must be visited.

Traveling on the west coast, following the road called “The Antica Regina” (built by Ancient Romans), you could find your Lake Como accommodations in Sala Comacina, Ossuccio, Tremezzo, Menaggio, Dongo, and Dervio.


Is it better to stay in Como or Bellagio? 

The transport connections are quite different in particular if you travel without a car.

Bellagio is far more charming and its location on Lake Como is amazing if you are planning to use a ferry boat ( ) . In fact, Bellagio is situated in the middle of the lake and is well-connected with the 3 macro-areas (Varenna, Menaggio, and Como).

Another interesting place to stay in Varenna, easily reachable from Milan by train.

Can you swim in Lake Como? Is safe to swim in? Where can you swim? How cold is the water?

As shown on the local authority's website  ( the water temperature range is from 5-6 to 23-24 during the summer season. During springtime, the water temperature is from 17 to 20 degrees. The maximum deep is 418 meters (near Argegno) and Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes in Europe.

Water is constantly monitored by local authority: if you want to check please visit . Thanks to this website you are able to provide and receive information in real-time on water quality.

Swimming in this water is an unforgettable emotion respecting some basic rules to avoid risks such as drowning or diving accidents. You just need to use common sense; first of all, you must enter the water gradually after sunbathing and do not swim after eating. Lake Como is an Alpine basin with cold and deep waters: change in temperatures after long exposure to the sun could be dangerous. Please remember is better to have a companion with you in particular if you intend to swim far out.


Flights to Lake Como Italy: What is the closest airport to Lake Como Italy? What airport do you fly to for Lake Como?

Lake Como is situated in an area very well served by public transport, and also very rich in airports: in fact, is connected to Milan and its airport by a dense network of trains and buses. There is also Lugano Airport, the smallest airport in our area but near Como (25 km).

So don’t worry if you’re coming by plane: getting to your destination on Lake Como won’t be difficult at all.

Malpensa is undoubtedly the nearest airport to Lake Como, but also Linate and Orio Al Serio (Bergamo) are not so far away. Your choice depends also on where you are heading on Lake Como since it has an area of 146 square kilometers and 170 km of coastline. Another aspect is where you take off, because not all the airports near Lake Como are served by the same companies and are therefore not involved in the same routes.


What is the best way to get from Milan to Lake Como

Here are our suggestions on how to get to Lake Como: it’s time to plan your trip!

By car

If you’re planning to rent a car to visit another Lake Como attraction, driving to Lake Como is very simple. It is a pretty path on the highway A9 and in Como, there are a lot of parking garages.

If you do not have plans for a car rental, it is so easy to arrive by train. In Lake Como area is very simple to travel thanks to ferry boat or buses.

By train

In Milan, there are 3 main train stations: Cadorna, Centrale, and Garibaldi.

If you are going to spend one day in Milan, we suggest staying close to Cadorna: its neighborhoods are the nicest.

For a day trip, Milan’s Central Station is the fastest itinerary. A one-way train ticket from Milan to Como costs around €5 for the regional train and €12 for the Eurocity train.


How long is the train ride from Milan to Lake Como?   

Como is approximately 40 kilometers from Milan and fast trains from Milan to Como take around 36 minutes.

In Como, there are two railway stations: the first one is Como Nord Lago, in the city center. The other one is Como San Giovanni (on the line to Lugano and Zurich, in Switzerland) and is the final Italian station on the line before the train crosses the border into Switzerland. Outside both train stations, there are buses to reach other cities around Lake Como.

Leaving from Milano Cadorna Station, it will be easy to get a train to Como Nord Lago.  In around 1 hour you could reach Como city center. This line is managed by Trenord ( ), the same company as Malpensa Express (the train from Malpensa Airport).

The fastest train departs from Milano Central Station (check schedule and prices on the Trenitalia website and this station could be useful if you reach Milan by other Italian locations or by bus, especially arriving by bus from Milan Orio Al Serio airport.


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