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Our italian aperitivo at sunset. Discover the experience to have a drink on board watching the sunset, you should visit all the historical villas on the west coast, from Como to Laglio. Coming back on the east coast, you will visit Nesso and its famous "Orrido" (a beatiful fall directly in the lake, in an amazing shell..) that helps every day some lovers to live a fairytaile with unforgetting wedding proposal!!.. but also Villa Pliniana, one of the most famous and scenic villa from the ancient Romans (dedicated to Pliny The Elder and Pliny The Younger).

We'd be glad to share with you a moment of relax with a traditional "italian aperitivo*", completely organized by Martina and Matteo, Natta Bistrot owner (one of the most appreciated restaurant in the old city of Como). A delicious gastronomic tour amongst cheese, ham and others appetizers that our friends get directly from italian local farms.

Departure at 18.00

price starting from 600€


*We inform our guests that food and beverages in our "italian aperitivo" can contain ingredients or adjuvants considered allergenes. IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC OR INTOLLERANT TO ONE OR MORE SUBSTANCES, PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE WILL INFORM YOU WHICH COURSES AND/OR BEVERAGES DO NOT CONTAINS THE SPECIFIC ALLERGENS. The informations regardind the presence of substances or products causing allergies or intolerances are available by contacting the staff on board.

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