Cancellation terms

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You should cancel your reservation without penalty before 24 hours from purchase or, in any case, less than 10 days before scheduled tour date.

Standard cancellation terms

To receive a full refund, you should cancel your reservation at least 10 days before tour date or within 24 hours of purchase.


You could change the date or time of the tour (or add or remove guests) within 24 hours of purchase and up to 5 days before the scheduled tour date.

If you reschedule a tour, the cancellation terms are applied based on the original reservation time and start date.

Guests identifications

Out tours requires that the person who books has to complete his identification before participating. If you do not complete this procedure within 10 days of purchase, the entire reservation will be canceled and fully refunded.

Cancellations due to weather conditions or for safety

If weather conditions are a security concern, before or during the experience, the captain may decide to cancel it. In that case, you will receive a full refund.

Cancellations due to an emergency

We understand that emergencies can happen. For cancellations made in compliance with the Terms of extenuating circumstances and for those made for valid security reasons, we will not apply any penalty.