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Bellagio is also known with the name Perla del Lario due to its immense enchanting beauty. Those who are lucky enough to be able to spend at least a weekend on the shores of Lake Como cannot avoid visiting Bellagio. It is a very elegant location that allows you to experience an exclusive holiday. Here is everything you absolutely must see in this destination not to be missed.

Villa Melzi

For years it was the summer residence of the Duke of Lodi, Francesco Melzi d'Eril who later became vice president of the Italian Republic of Napoleon. Among the architects who contributed to the construction of the Villa also Canova. It is a splendid vision: with a large and well-kept garden, with all kinds of flowers and ancient trees. It also houses a small museum and an elegant family chapel.

Villa Serbelloni

The tourists who arrive here every year are very numerous. Above all, however, they are visitors who love trekking, with a route of 18 km made up of roads but also of very interesting paths and avenues. Today the villa is actually a very exclusive luxury hotel. There is only one part that is accessible to tourists and only with an attached guide. It welcomed many famous and prestigious guests such as Leonardo da Vinci, but also Ludovico il Moro and Queen Victoria, but also Manzoni and Flaubert. The interiors of the villa are very sophisticated. There are, in fact, beautiful frescoes and Murano chandeliers, obviously the exteriors are super well-kept and the restaurants are exclusive and very refined. In short, staying in this villa is a dream rather than a reality for mere mortals.

Basilica di San Giacomo

It is very ancient, it seems to date back to the 11th century. Inside there are historical and artistic artefacts of great value such as 15th century tables, and 17th century sculptures and paintings. Certainly, the Dead Christ is the most famous statue in this collection. It is a statue made of wood and dates back to the 1700s. It seems that it was found after a flood by fishermen but the Deposition of Jesus in the Sepulcher by Perugino also enjoys excellent fame.

Chiesa di San Giorgio

Near the aforementioned Basilica there is another Romanesque church which seems to date back to the twelfth century and which houses one of the beauties of the city, the Madonna della Cintura, which in September the citizens honor with a solemn procession.

Church of San Giovanni Battista

It dates back to the sixteenth century and is therefore in full Baroque style. He is lucky enough to have unique works of inestimable value in the world, such as the altarpiece that sees the risen Christ but also an oil painting by the great Ferrari. There is also another statue that must be admired, that of the Immaculate Conception made strictly of Carrara marble.

The village and the lakefront of Bellagio

The beauty of the village attracts many tourists every year. The flowers, the houses, the alleys are really very special. Then its liveliness will certainly win you over. There is no shortage of shops, especially the luxury ones. The lakefront offers relaxation and even some free beaches. There are no commercial establishments in the area also because the sunlight is only there in the morning so you can only take advantage of it for a few hours.